About Orange District!

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Orange District is made up of 22 Women's clubs in Orange County, California. We are part of the California Federation of Women's Clubs and act as a conduit for information between clubs and the state organization.

To facilitate communication, Orange District maintains certain Community Service Programs which research and report on issues of interest to the clubs of Orange District. These include Education, Conservation, and Public Issues.

We also maintain two permanent projects focused on educating our community. These projects are Domestic Violence Awaremness and Prevention, and Advocates For Children.

For more information, please visit our District page, which gives a list of our Programs and Special Projects.

Insignia of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, International

GFWC Emblem

In 1868 Jennie June Croly organized a club for women, the name being Sorosis. In 1889, when this pioneer club attained its twenty-first birthday, it celebrated the occasion by arranging for other known clubs in the United States to assemble in March of 1890. This was the birth of the General Federation. It was at this meeting that the chairman, Mrs. Ella Dietz Clymer, made use of the phrase that became the Federation's motto: "We look for unity, but unity in diversity."

On the emblem itself, the White band signifies eternity. The Crusader's shield against the darker field signifies enlightenment. The shield itself is made of the same colors as the flag of our country.

Unity in Diversity is the Federation Motto.

Emblem of the California Federation of Women's Clubs

CFWC Emblem

The Emblem of the California Federation of Women's Clubs was designed in 1903 by Miss Bernice Scoville. The Emblem is the insignia of a common cause and creates a spirit of cooperation among those who wear it.

The Torch represents the education work of the Federation and invites all to knowledge of the principles of American Citizenship.

The wings pointed upward are symbolic of the higher thoughts and aspirations which are the aim of all.

The Band encircling both typifies the unbroken chains of strength and loyalty -- loyalty not only to the clubs, but also to our State.

The State Motto, Strength United is Stronger, selected by Annie Little Berry, reminds us that in unity there is strenth, and through united efforts of the clubwomen of California it is possible to accomplish many things for the benefit of the people of the State.