The Programs and Projects of Orange District

Many people think of Orange District as the group that collects information from individual clubs and sends it to the state. While this is true in many ways, it is not so one-sided as that.

Our Community Service Programs work within Orange District to improve life in our communities. Our Art Program helps bring recognition to young artists, while our Public Issues program alerts our clubs and members to things happening in our governments that we should pay attention to. We also have Community Service Progrmas involved in Education, Conservation, International Outreach, and Home Life.

But this isn't all.

Orange District also has two permanent projects focused on educating our community on two vital areas: Domestic Violence and Advocates for Children.

Each year our projects and programs bring reports to our District that include what individual clubs, as well as Orange District, have accomplished in these areas. To see the reports from last years committees, please see our page for Community Service Programs or Special Projects.